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But a November 2015 report by Motherboard from American-Canadian media company Vice Media quoted experts who said the app may not be as secure as previously believed, noting for example that the encrypted chat function is not enabled by default. Her cries and screams are then drowned by the laughter of the two men.Exploitation/rape of young girls Many of the videos found on the Telegram channels and groups featured the exploitation and sexual abuse of young girls and women, with some of them seen screaming, crying and repeatedly pleading with the abuser. Just like in the other videos, the faces of the perpetrators cannot be seen.“Police are resource limited and are not able to investigate every single offence effectively.

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US site reported last September that Telegram has blocked porn channels and bots in Iran for “business” reasons.

Last November, the app also blocked 78 Islamic State-related channels shortly after the Paris attacks by the terror group that killed 130 people.

MCMC Enforcement and Investigations Department head Datin Mai Zairani Zainal Abidin said last week the Special Committee on Eradicating Social Media Abuse, comprising the commission, the Attorney-General’s Chamber and the police, was investigating the matter.

Mai Zairani said cases involving paedophiles were normally investigated by the police, while MCMC would conduct forensic investigations on the platform they use to communicate.

Telegram users enjoy privacy as they cannot see each other’s phone numbers, unless one already has a number previously saved as a contact.

Telegram also allows users to send end-to-end encrypted messages, which means that only the sender and receiver can read them, preventing a third party, including the authorities, from intercepting such messages.

After a recent exposé by social activist Syed Azmi Alhabshi about a local paedophile group on Telegram, decided to investigate if there were Malaysians who were actively using the app to source and access child porn.

Videos like the ones described above and also those depicting girls and women being raped were quite easily available — all you need is a Telegram account and the links of the channels and groups which people use to share these videos.

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