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If your baby is a girl, fold the additional length under in back.


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The diaper cover should extend beyond the prefold at the waist to keep moisture from seeping out to the waistline of baby's clothes. Finally, secure the tabs by wrapping the diaper cover's back left and right 'wings' around to the front velcro panel. Instead of starting by laying it within the wrap-style cover, start the cloth diaper fold on the diaper changing table and proceed.

Then, once the diaper is fastened with diaper pins or a Snappi Diaper Fastener, pull-on or snap-on any style diaper cover you choose.

Then, fold the bottom serged-edge of the prefold diaper up towards the top serged edge of the cloth diaper .

If using a cloth diaper doubler for extra absorption, lay it along the center panel of the prefold diaper lengthwise BEFORE folding the bottom serged-end of the prefold diaper up. Next, you will create a 'V' shape with the prefold diaper by pulling the already folded bottom, left corner to the middle (center panel), and then repeating it again on the opposite side. If using a stay dry liner, or a fleece topped diaper doubler, this is when you will put it in - lay it lengthwise atop the folded 'V'.

Then, place the tri-folded prefold atop the wrap and if necessary, fold under any of the additional prefold length to fit within the wrap and for additional absorption.

If your baby is a boy, fold the additional length under in front where the obvious extra absorption will be needed.

If you are using diaper pins- another little tip I heard is to cover a bar of soap with a pretty piece of fabric and use it as a pincushion for your diaper pins.

This keeps them handy and the soap ensures that the pins slide easily through the diapers.

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