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Lilian Garcia is an idealist who would like to paint the world in pastel colors, and live in peace and harmony with others at all times.She is able to see points of similarity and unity with people who are vastly different from her, and befriend many different types of people.Artie asks Lilian whether she has ever used steroids since she's muscular.

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Lilin wants a hero to idolize and adore, someone to wholeheartedly admire and be proud of.

Lilian Garcia is tremendously loyal and devoted once she gives her heart to someone.

Garca enjoys a touch of drama and color in her love relationships and she is impressed by grand romantic gestures or extravagant expressions of generosity.

Lilin is attracted to foreigners, exotic places, traveling and people who can expand her horizons, teach her something, or show her places and worlds she has never experienced before.

Lilian Garcia needs close relationships with people outside of her immediate family.

Lilian Garcia responds to her environment in a highly emotional way and encounters with other people can get her excited easily.

I would not have come back if it was a bad organization. It's a great organization." - Artie says he hates today's wrestlers because "they're all in too good shape." He prefers "big goofy-looking guys" like King Kong Bundy over muscular John Cena-types.

Nick says "they're all juicing." In response, Lilian notes that all of the WWE wrestlers get drug-tested. If you look at anybody years ago, fitness has come a long way," she adds.

Sharing a philosophy or ideal with her love partner is important to her.

Moreover, Lilian Garcia feels love and kinship for people everywhere, not only for her own family, nationality, or group.

She starting singing in local clubs as a teen after moving to the U.


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