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Update table where view is datasource (LINQ to SQL) I'd like to ask you, if it's possible to update data in a database where view is datasource for gridview. Update Db using Linq to Sql Does anyone know how to update database using Linq to Sql? Hi Friend, You can get solution from here and regards, Er. After that i change the values, when "Save" button clicked, the values updated in Db. I assume that table Name is Product : productname,unitprice,...ex: I want to merge the two controls; one has the date the other has the time when I update the pages data to the Sql Da...

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Update Db Using Linq to Sql #2 I have 3 textboxes for productname,unitprice,description, 1 button "Save" and one gridview for displaying the records.

When every column's ' Update Check' property is set to ' Always', I cannot update any row at all. SQL statement database update versus Data Set object update In what circumstances do developers use Data Set object to update records? You can manipulate and work with it offline (the dataadapter connects only when it needs to interact with the table and thereafter, the connection is no longer required.) 3. I'm trying to update a table with an employee name and hire date. I have a website that displays data from systems all over the world.

Type FROM inserted) Is Null RETURN SELECT @Del Name = deleted. Type FROM inserted) = ' Company' UPDATE Customers SET Company Name = (SELECT Company Name FROM inserted) WHERE Customers.

Company Name = @Del Name ELSE UPDATE Suppliers SET Company Name = (SELECT Company Name FROM inserted) WHERE Suppliers.

When I click the link button, the productname,unitprice and description will be displayed in textboxes respectively. By Vasanth U First Create Linq-SQL Data Model for Selected Table.

In gridview, I have one link button named "Update".

Views cannot be used as a mechanism to override any constraints, rules, or referential integrity defined in the base tables.

You can insert, update, and delete rows in a view, subject to the following limitations: You may have noticed in Access that placing criteria on the Record Source query of a form limits the records that are displayed in the form when you open it, but it doesn't limit what records can be added in the form.

There are many good sources on the internet how to update/delete/insert new data programmaticaly.

I've got simple database, I created some views because I needed gridviews with combined source (not only based on one table).

I have based all the sql statements on the profile username, adding records and retrieving them works just fine. Data Query`1[Admin Menu]' to type ' Admin Menu'" This is my code.

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