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Young, you wouldn't want your parents finding out would you?

I lay over her lap, and feel her hand smack my ass.

"I think a spanking is in order, it's the only proper punishment." She says.


The plot was weird." "Yeah," I agreed, taking the cookie she handed me and opening it as well, "I never thought it was great. ' That pushed me over the edge, and with a final groan I shoved her head down and came hard, coating the back of her throat with my seed.

I mean who just wakes up one morning and says ' I think I'll fuck my sister today? "Especially no girls." my mom glared at me threateningly. I'm not gonna have an orgy with my little sister in the house." I joked. I let her pick out the movie, and she took her time perusing the DVDs before finally pulling out ' Eyes Wide Shut'. "Well," Amanda said nonchalantly as she made a big show of opening her fortune cookie, "That wasn't such a big deal. At some point I thought to myself, ' My baby sister is sucking my cock!

A sweater that was a little loose on me, and a fairly conservative skirt.

The previous week I had been caught cheating on a pretty important test. I strut over to the chair in front of her desk, I sit, and the chair sinks in deep.

This is a story about how one of my teachers made me her baby girl. It was late September, so everyone is still settling in to the whole school schedule. "I was worried, I didn't want to do poorly." I tell her.

About 5'0, short black hair, barely an chest, and a lot of bum, that I inherited from my mother. You know we help all of our students, no matter what learning level." She tells me, with a reassuring, soothing voice. "It's not so much the school I'm afraid of, it's more my parents." I say. Grace stands out of her chair, and walks in front of her desk, she sits in the chair next to me. We all wish we had different parents sometimes." She says. "Yeah, my parents are pretty harsh when it comes to school." I say.

I went to an all girls school, including the staff.

I was walking down the hallway in my school uniform. "I was told you were caught cheating on the placement exam.

Her comforting, motherly voice made me feel okay with what was about to happen.

" She says, she's using my parents to get what she wants, and I must say it was a smart move.

They left us about a hundred numbers to call for any emergency possible, 50 bucks to order some takeout, and a stern warning to have NO friends over. Chinese." Mom and dad left in a flurry of clicking heels and too much cologne, Amanda and I settled on the couch to watch a movie and wait for dinner to arrive. "Mom and dad don't want you watching this kid." "That's exactly why I picked it. Finally the movie ended, and we sat there in a kind of awkward silence. All those girls in the movie had really big..chests. Suck it for me beautiful." She applied a hesitant suction and I went crazy, winding my hands into her hair and forcing my cock deep into her throat.


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