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[more] Public (open source) cluster groups artisan NI – arts NI – fashion NI – music NI – DERRYcreatives – livingin ARDS – Young Actors NI – Young Animators NI – Young Designers NI – Young Filmmakers NI – Young Writers NI 100 years ago our wee place lead the world in many industries (and built the world’s most famous ship).

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“We’ve worked on old Aussie family recipes to make our pies a local delicacy.

We don’t want to be the biggest pie company, just the best.

The brothers scooped The Countryside Alliance Award for Ireland, recognition that their achievements are top class.

Doughzy Donuts was formed in 2013 in response to a complete lack of availability (we think!

Thus, we can say that alongside Hans Sloane, the world has NI to thank for ice-cold chocolate milk!

Kelvin patented over 70 inventions, such as the adjustable compass and enclosed gyroscope! They say that if you saw folks from NI in half they’d have the word ‘Tayto’ written through them like rock. Irwin and his wife Ruth opened a small bakery in Portadown, Co Armagh.

Pantridge worked in Belfast before becoming known worldwide as the ‘Father of Emergency Medicine’ after inventing the portable defibrillator!

The device is found in every ambulance, airplane, boat, sports pitch and public arena! The ‘father of physics’, Kelvin pioneered studies in thermodynamics, creating the Kelvin scale and contributing to the development of refrigeration.

Ethically sourced, their tea has won over 21 Great Taste Awards and multiple industry awards. They specialise in Wild Game, Cabrito (kid goat meat), Free Range Rose Veal and Hand Harvested Seaweeds.

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