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Why would anybody in their right mind, you wonder, wish to buy and run a hotel?

This question occurred to me again with the news that Andy Murray has invested some of his hard-won gains into the Cromlix Hotel, situated near his hometown of Dunblane in Perthshire.

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According to Shelby Bergeron, Singles's lead cruise director, a singles cruise presents the ultimate, no pressure way to start dating someone.

"Meeting in a fun, laid back setting like a singles cruise is so much better and more authentic than perhaps meeting them online because you meet and get to know someone face-to-face," explained Bergeron.

Instead of the tired dinner and movie date, you can get to know your catch while you snorkel, kayak, play beach volleyball or attend a karaoke party.

"I love that I met my wife Trish swimming with the stingrays in Grand Cayman," said past cruiser Jason Garrett. I had tried meeting people through various dating services, club scenes, etc., but this gave me a ''no-pressure'' approach during a fun vacation.

While not everyone ventures onboard a singles cruise with the intention of meeting their soul mate, it does happen more frequently than you might think.

Through a variety of scheduled games, parties and other get-togethers, singles have the opportunity to meet a large group of other singles on their cruise vacation.There is something about being in a hotel that brings out the worst in people.As Basil Fawlty discovered (though, to be fair, his guests did have a lot to put up with: rats at large, corpses in reception, dead dogs in the dining room), your customers are seldom satisfied.Of all the gin joints in all of the towns in all of the world he walked into this one and decided that this would be a happy resting place for some of his tennis millions.For someone, it has to be said, who doesn’t seem to brim with happiness, I have to tell Andy that attaching his name to a hotel is unlikely to add to that sum total of joy.Like careers in politics and football management, all hotel owning adventures seem to end in tears. And would you stay at Andy Murray's newly-opened Cromlix Hotel?

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