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Genetic studies indicate that the Arabs who colonised Malta in this period were in fact Arabic-speaking Sicilians., It is difficult to trace a continuous line of cultural development during this time.

A proposed theory that the islands were sparsely populated during Fatimid rule is based on a citation in the French translation of the Rawd al-mi'ṭār fī khabar al-aqṭār ("The Scented Garden of Information about Places").

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Some Christian psychologists and pastoral counselors in the United States have opposed the use of the term "gay conversion therapy," and argue it's being used by those who want to make the practice illegal across the U.

S."My take on this is that the term 'conversion therapy' and some of the other terms synonymously used are social constructions from a group of people who want to create and enforce the narrative that there's something unusual that goes on in therapy with people who present with distress or confusion around their same-sex attraction," Carloyn Pela, president of the Alliance for Therapeutic Choice and Scientific Integrity, told The Christian Post last week."What the agenda is really about is keeping this very, very small sexual minority group from self-determination and their life goals," she added.

Al-Himyari describes Malta as generally uninhabited and visited by Arabs solely for the purpose of gathering honey and timber and catching fish.

No other chronicles make similar descriptions and this claim is not universally accepted.

This is yet another source of Semitic influence in Maltese culture.

According to local legend, the earliest Jewish residents arrived in Malta some 3,500 years ago, when the seafaring tribes of Zebulon and Asher accompanied the ancient Phoenicians in their voyages across the Mediterranean.

Up to two hundred years after Count Roger the Norman conquered the island, differences in the customs and usages of the inhabitants of Malta were distinct from those in other parts of the Kingdom of Two Sicilies: moribus d'aliis de vivunt d'ipsarum d'insularum de homines et constitutionibus, nostri Sicilie.

Written in Kufic, it concludes saying, "You who read this, see that dust covers my eyelids, in my place and in my house, nothing but sadness and weeping; what will my resurrection be like?

"It's really about the goals of therapy as opposed to what is happening in the therapeutic relationship and therapeutic process."California, Oregon, Illinois, Vermont, and New Jersey are five states that have passed laws forbidding sexual orientation change efforts, and a number of cities, including Pittsburgh and Buffalo, are also considering banning the practice.

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