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Let's talk about smart guns and whether or not there is a high-tech solution to curbing gun violence.

by Heather Courtney Quinn I met Matt Czuchry about a decade ago, around the same time I met my husband.

Then they tried a reunion with Dean that was one of the worst thought out storylines ever.

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Czuchry had to be one of the least appealing post-teen leading men ever. My personal favs are Christine Baranski (loved her since her Cybill days) and Archie Panjabi. He did a good job on the episode where he thought he had the weekend off, did shrooms, and then had to hang out at the police station with a client under suspicion of murder.

It was pretty impossible to believe that after the testosterone filled romances Rory had, she'd settle for for a relationship with this effete tool. I didn't realise it was against the law to bump your own thread, R30. Most actors portraying someone hallucinating overact.

I thought he was chosen for the boyfriend on GG because the producers realized no other producers would try to steal him away the way they did with Padelicki, CMM or Ventimiglia.

The first time I saw him on the show, I thought he was a lesbian. I had a friend who interned on GG for the last 2 seasons and she said that was exactly the case.

Charleston, South Carolina is a place I try to get to at least once every year. I think that a lot of times in life when people are running from one thing to the next or you’re working on your job, your willpower is getting depleted and if you are conscious of that and if you have ways to take a step back (like meditation or whatever is right for you) and build that back up, it is really helpful.

HCQ: I majored in history and political science and what I loved about both those majors is that I would go into one class and learn about something, then go into a political science class and learn about the same thing from a different perspective.

A lot of what all those books have in common and what I like to find are the overlaps…

when you can find those overlaps is when you can find perspective on your own life. Whether it’s my friends or family or someone that I just met for five minutes…

They became close friends after taking acting classes together. He is authentically who he is without any pretense… I was able to nail him down during his busy shooting schedule so that I can share the side of Matt that not everyone gets to see: Heather Courtney Quinn: MC: It happened organically.


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