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For Jason Mac Naughton, a 35-year-old VR developer and former telecommunications engineer, it's a place to catch up with his long-distance girlfriend of five years, who goes by T. He would travel to places like Saskatoon, in Canada's great plains, leaving behind T. But when they put on their VR headsets, the miles of distance melt away.

"I first heard about v Time during Christmas of last year and found it was a really great way to interact with my girlfriend rather than using Face Time," Mac Naughton said, referring to the video chat feature on Apple's i Phones.

El jugador asume el papel de Hajime, un hombre que está a punto de conseguir un trabajo a tiempo completo y está buscando una cita.

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Then, in 2012, a company called Oculus took the industry by storm and two year later Facebook snatched it up for $3 billion.

Since then, companies from Google to Sony to Microsoft and Apple have gotten involved in VR tech in some way. People are already using the tech for education, architecture, communication, history, entertainment and even a novel form of exposure therapy (imagine putting an arachnophobe "in" a room with spiders).

Its competitors are also free, like Altspace VR, whose eponymous service promises experiences like virtual comedy clubs, games with other users, mazes and art galleries.

Oh, and another thing from the real world being recreated in the virtual one: texting.

fue relanzado para PC en 1999 con traducción al inglés y distribuido por JAST.

En 2001 Apricot relanzó el juego con mejores gráficos y añadiendo voces, esta versión nunca fue traducida aunque se puede jugar en inglés utilizando Vi LE.

Now computers are capable enough and tech is cheap enough that VR could actually become mainstream.

That's what led me to v Time, a VR company focused on social interaction.

Mac Naughton also uses a feature of v Time to "share" 360-degree photos of his travels. In my space-date, I met Paul Hollywood, the product director at v Time.


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