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A quick Google search came up with the solution of erasing your .minecraft folder. Hower64 , 6 August 2012 (UTC) The trivia for the demo has only one line and its claim is flawed.By using a payed account it defeats the entire purpose of this "glitch", and serves only as a filler.I'm liking what I've seen of the game in videos and thinking about buying it, but would just like to try it to see if it plays as cool as it looks.

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Either that was a kid trying to contribute or really someone who has problems.

Is there a way to play demo mode from launcher on an already paid for account?

Okay, I just moved all of the coordinates from the trivia section into its own section where users can post locations of landmarks.

Hopefully the section won't get removed any time soon.

(Sorry I'm not logged in at the moment) I am a paid mc user (mojang account, not premium) and i was wondering if i could somehow re-download the world (my computer with all my saves got stolen :'( and just seeing the locations page made me wanna try again (i made my house out of dirt and wood trunk blocks, died in lava and was sad when they didnt put my items in my chest, lol).

Is that possible, or would i have to use the seed, and would that seed be different?

The Tower of Pimps was in an old Console Edition tutorial world, the PC demo world has no special features, only standard structures.

My map is loading, but the blocks are invisible, and I can't see them so I can't walk anywhere? Help is mentioned in the form of people on IRC, but there is no listed server, port or channel anywhere on the page? Is there anyway to fix this problem, or at least load an older version of my file that will work?

But there are so many posts there about so many topics far beyond the demo stage, plus at least one other post I saw about problems with the demo, which had no responses, so I'm guessing it might get lost in the shuffle.) 97.1 , 5 August 2012 (UTC) Avi Kyz (also my user/display name on the minecraft forums and, whenever I actually get to play it, in the game itself) You may report such bugs in the Known bugs page.


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