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As a result, the dialog can become inaccessible to the user.Workaround: If a dialog becomes inaccessible, log out of the VMware v Sphere Web Client. (73199) A VM must be in the 'connected' state to be accessed for backup by the Data Protection for VMware v Sphere GUI.

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However, the software and its product documentation continue to use the Tivoli Storage Manager for Virtual Environments product name.

To learn more about the rebranding transition, see technote 1963634.

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Watch hardcore sex and movies from around the world!A VM that is not in the 'connected' state cannot be accessed for backup and is considered an invalid VM.When an invalid VM exists in the VMware v Center, the Data Protection for VMware v Sphere GUI attempts to back up this invalid VM anyway, even when the invalid VM is not selected.Pending any unforeseeable issues with the VMs selected for backup, the Data Protection for VMware v Sphere GUI completes the backup operation but the following error message is returned: ANS2721E (RC4400) The virtual machine backup operation completed.However, one or more virtual machine backups failed.Her antics sends her off to Manila shpere she finds the constant need to get out of.


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