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Dear All, Please be advice this upcoming class on 17th May, would be the last one for a long time. So if you haven’t book for one, this is your chance. Only few seats available, a Maximum of 10 seats per class only.

Call Momin on 98173492 and arrange a payment of RO 40 Per Person to confirm your seat.

Neither will she leave her house, nor will she let others get out of there alive.

She is unable to do anything, as the key has gone missing, leaving her tied to the bed.

As matters worsen, his phone battery becomes low so Uday tries to run away, leaving Ragini alone.

The ghost then tries to make her commit suicide but Ragini is able to stop her and toss the weapon away. As the sun rises, she slips down to the ground, having survived and is free to escape.

On-screen text reveals that after a few days, a local boy finds Ragini unconscious and takes her to the hospital.

You will receive a receipt confirming your registration.

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