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Ragini MMS 2 features Sunny Leone and newcomer Saahil Prem in lead roles in a continuation of the plot from the prequel.

Unlike the first film, the movie is not shot in a found footage format.

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Only the scriptwriter Satya (Saahil Prem) and actress Monali (Sandhya Mridul) are left alive. Dutta, Monali and Satya attempt to drive the ghost out of Sunny, Monali gets killed.

Afterwards, when Satya accidentally steps on the rattle toy with which the woman committed suicide prior to becoming a ghost, it causes Sunny temporary pain, and thereby forces the ghost to temporarily leave Sunny. Dutta realises the toy's importance and urges Satya to destroy it.

She was more attached to her son, because she had conceived him after much difficulty and praying.

One day, the boy and his two sisters were playing hide and seek when the boy slipped into a well and drowned.

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However, fans seem to have taken a note and it is now available online.

After going through old news paper clipping and video tapes of Ragini, she finds the truth regarding the haunting.

She finds out that the ghost haunting the house, in life was a married woman with two daughters and a son.

But the meeting goes horribly wrong when Ragini stabs herself brutally in the neck.

Later, the cast and crew arrive at the haunted house to shoot and strange things begin to happen, especially to Sunny. Meera Dutta (Divya Dutta), a psychiatrist who specialises in cases for which science has no answers, takes up Ragini's case.

The woman survived, finally dropped from the tree, and after cursing them all, killed herself by stabbing herself in the neck with the rattle-toy her son used to play with. Dutta then rushes to the shooting location to inform the cast and crew to abandon their shooting and leave the house immediately.


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