Most intimidating fans in sports

Around the world, sports fans can be relentlessly intimidating.

It’s not just all the stadium paraphernalia that visually exhibits their love for their team and the game It’s also the vigor and bottomless passion that you can hear from the earth shattering uproar that they effortlessly create to intimidate the opponent as exemplified by our 25 Most Intimidating Stadiums In The World.

Nicknames such as “Green Hell” and “Le Chaudron” (the Chauldron) should paint the picture.

Most intimidating fans in sports

But what it lacks in size it more than makes up with a committed, relentless, and supportive fan base. a venue to show their loyalty to these teams with their resounding cheers.

The third biggest association football stadium in the world, this stadium is the biggest in Asia. Inonu is another of Turkey’s famous and extremely loud stadium grounds.

Estadio Azteca is the only stadium which has been able to host two FIFA World Cup finals.

This incredibly huge edifice which can seat up to 105,000 spectators is the home of the national football team and the privately owned Club America. Etienne, this multi-purpose stadium which currently seats 26,500 fans but is currently being redesigned to sit 40,830 fans sets it apart from the rest because of the crazy antics fans employ to encourage their teams.

Consequently, it’s prone to accidents and fatalities due to the uncontrollable fans.

The second largest cricket stadium in the world by seating capacity accommodating 66,349 fans; these grounds were touted as “cricket’s answer to the Colosseum”.

Anfield is one of the most legendary stadiums in England.

With a capacity of about 45,000 people, Anfield is a bit smaller than the newer arenas.

Either seated or standing, the fans always have energy to wave their flags, throw their confetti; and scream, roar, and chant their heart out.

You would thing that an open roof would help distill sound, but when it comes to Maksimir stadium you’d be wrong.

Its steep terrace allows fans to appear closer and imposing as the players are forced to look into the stands and drown in the fan’s roaring cheers.


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