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Yet, he yearns to build credit as a mature gentleman.

The problem is his roommates are probably thinking the same thing about themselves.

[My Space] Colie (aka Nicole Mara Edison), 22 – East Brunswick, NJ — This sorority president is probably the strongest personality in the house.

Check out what happened to these 7 couples from MTV’s and the first one based in San Francisco.

Much of the season focused on Winick’s unsuccesful love life, but following the season he and house mate Pam Ling began a relationship in 1995 which has now spanned two decades.

However, this over confident, Texan flirt does not lack passion.

Here’s the lowdown on all the cast members: Alex Smith, 22 – Houston, TX — Alex is the product of a recipe that includes a heap of cockiness, a dash of street smarts, tad bit of sensitivity and a whole lot of sex appeal.

Stephen Nichols, 22 – Washington, DC — Stephen is a charmer who flies in the face of convention.

Originally from Sacramento, Stephen attends Howard University in Washington, DC.

However behind this fun-loving facade, this Oakland Raiderette cheerleader yearns for emotional attachment.

Her quest for real happiness stems from her inability to allow herself to be vulnerable, love and trust.

While Tyrie searched for a safe haven, he found refuge in a gang.


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