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I thought he might be beating her, but I was afraid to intervene.” Upon entering the room, the officials found John Miller and girlfriend Katherine Chavez, transfer students from the Sacramento Academy for the Deaf, interlocked in a “deafening tangle of sheets and frantically signing hands.” After yelling a short while, RSO’s had to physically stop the couple from their activity.

Miller and Chavez transferred to UCSD in the fall in order to “more fully experience college life together,” signed Miller.

“The apartments seemed like the perfect environment to adjust to life with others.” What Miller and Chavez had not accounted for when moving to public school was their sound level when having intercourse.

“We had attended an institute for the deaf,” signed Chavez.

“I like eavesdropping on hot loud sex as much as any other RSO, but if these noise complaints keep coming in, I’m going to have to cite you.” Miller and Chavez were reportedly “deeply apologetic” about the incident.

Miller offered, “I guess we could close the window next time.”

I can’t give any more information about this, but I confess I once saw a slightly, er, adult video which featured an ‘actor’ wearing blue hearing aids. I suppose they were being paid enough to offset any fear of hearing a high-pitched whistle.

A recent thread on Reddit featured a 20-year-old deaf woman who said she really wanted to have sex, but she was scared to. I was legally deaf, but I had a tiny bit of hearing.Firstly, I should tell you that deaf people are notoriously direct when talking about love and all it entails. He’s called her ‘the one who asked about our sex life’ ever since – even when I later told him her real name.One friend of mine asked my hearing partner when we last had sex. I texted this direct friend to find out a bit about her sex life. Me: This made me wonder whether this was a man thing.Woman A: Prior to getting my cochlear implants, it was hard for me to date the guy I was seeing at the time because I couldn't hear him well and he'd get frustrated.I'd also have to try and find a well-lit place so I could see him and read his lips.She said she worried about how she would sound to the people she had sex with, especially since she'd read a lot of comments online that mocked deaf people having sex. Referring to myself as deaf made me feel like all hope for me ever being able to hear was lost.


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