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The fiendish test asks you to solve an equation based on three sums provided.

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But it can backfire too, for those very same reasons, warned University of Texas psychology professor David Buss. When they did so, they had a roughly 90 per cent success rate with their emails than otherwise.

'Sensation-seeking and openness to experience predict infidelity,' he told the newspaper. 'There is good evidence that men high in status smile less and that smiling is sometimes interpreted as a sign of submissiveness,' Dr Buss told the LATimes.

If a woman is trying to get dates online, he argued, she must be having difficulty in real life.

That could be because she is Amazonian - both men and women prefer that the man is taller.

'Having a body like that may signal to a woman a level of narcissism and self-centredness that is just not attractive,' he said.

Another tip was both to subtract two inches from the height your potential date claims to be - and 20 per cent from their salary. Height suggests good health and genes; while wealth, obviously, suggests resources.

They also may have a bigger paycheque than the average man - and the very average man prefers, by and large, to be the one who brings home the bacon, he said.

It involves just three favourite items from the Mc Donalds menu, but this maths puzzle has left people on Facebook scratching their heads.

That's because women in their 30s are less interested in the man's body than whether or not he will be a good provider, clinical psychologist Marianne Brandon said.


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  3. I think it could be cultural and just him being an honest dude, but I thought, before the show started — and I don't want this to come off the wrong way — it seemed like he was kind of peacocking a little bit, really amped up about the spotlight.

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