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2 Dodd Hall ^ Buddhism in the Modern World: "What is the Foundation of Being Human-Filial Repecf - -pm, LS 2147 Cultural Affairs - Student Talent Show at the Coop r V r - -1 pm, the Cooperage Student Health Services - AIDS Awareness Week Activities Today Fun de Ciecle poetry reading - pm, Kerckhoff Coffeehouse E B. 17- Buddhism in the Modem Vl Torld: "Hbw to Leave Suffering and Attain Bliss" ' ' ' - -1 am. Thaodora Niohola B, Kim Roaanbarg, Slaphania Spaara, Suzanna Stalaa, Tony Yaouzzo Art Diractor: Tom Yun Art Staff: Qail Moorahaad, T. Qhang Art Intam: Oaniala Eubanli Sanior Staff Writara: Eugana Ahn. "Freshman used to travel and compete regularly with the team, but this (budget constraint) is making it difficult for less exper- ienced debaters to psirticipate." *That may be true," Alpers responded, "and it's something which I'm very concerned about That is precisely why we need to raise the money." Alpers believes the teanri's budget problems can only be solved through an extensive fun- draising campaign.

1 T' t T rf\ Women's Resource Center - About Rope Workshop - -1 l OOpm. Younger, less experienced debaters may also suffer from the budget consu^ints. Calling freshman James Berklan and sophomore Leah Mayersohn the "team of tomorrow." Miller said that despite their age and inexperience, they have worked extremely hard and show great promise.

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19 in President's Office • Expo Center Internstiip applications due Fri., Feb. **They*re cute as buttons, but they're very aggressive," complained management spokeswoman Lucy Hobgood-Brown. We have a large network of very distinguished alumni, well-estab- lished former debaters (who arc potential donors)." Alpers has given the team $5,000 to cover their costs at this year's national tournament but he said that he could not provide funding for additional tourna- ments. 2/1 8/90 I I 1 Sat 9-8pm Sun 11 -6pm I • I 11672 Gateway Blvd. ^ * Considering potential responses to an attack in advance maybuik JI your confidence and help in responding successfully. 90024 (213)478-6869 (818)9884)110 j LARGE 16" PIZZA w/2 TOPPINGS j I I I only j^ 7. Closing my eyes I find green mountains and pure water within my own heart. RECEPTIONIST/ SECRETARY, F/T, Entertain- ment business Management firm, Beverly Hills.

*They*re not hurting business, but they're damaging the docks, and they have bad breath.** For over a month, about the start of the herring fishing season, the gre- garious herd — sometimes as many as 300 animals — have been fishing, "arfing** and fighting one another at some 10 finger piers that form a sec- tion of boat berths that can sell for up to $50,000. Pier 39 is a shops, restaurant and amusement complex just east of Fisherman's Wharf. "I'm very grateful that he made this money available to go." Miller said, but he added that he hoped the See DEBATE, page 19 -TT Q y^o \ I UNUMITED TANNING | I No Additional Feesli Mon-Fri 8- 10pm Final Week of Offer 477-9300 I I I I I At Barrington, 1 block So. Through Awareness an (educational workshop for students, staff, and faculty TODAY - p.m. Silent- ly, sitting alone drinking tea I feel these become part of me.

TO UST YOUR STORY IDEA IN 'THE HOUYWOOD PRODUCERS' STORY DIRECTORY' CALL (213) 858-8560 1900 Av^ni M of th« Start. But team members say the budget is insufficient to maintain a nationally competitive team. Please send resume w/GPA, available times for intervievys and othei pertinent information to Rick Edwards ■ 1925 Century Park East: 20th floor Los Angeles, CA 90067 DRIVER.

213/474-3511 or 800/44-HOT] T«tt L NATURE OF ACCIDENTS INCLUDING: • AUTOMOBILE ACCIDENTS • MOTORCYC^-E & MOPED ACCIDENTS • SLIP/TRIP & FALL • PRODUCT INJURIES OTHER CIVIL & CRIMINAL MATTERS FREE CONSULTATION 208-0740 MARTIN P. SUITE 200 SECURITY PACIHC BANK BUILDING OUST SOUTH OF UCLA CAMPUS BETWEEN LE CONTE & WEYBURN) HAPPY HOUR SPECIAL BUY ONE LARGE BEER vv-K or SAKE ? IDEAS AND SCREENPLAYS FOR THEIR UPCOMING MOTION PICTURE AND TELEVISION PROJECTS. The team, which is primarily funded through the Division of Honors and Undergraduate Prog- rams, has exceeded its budget consistently for the past several years. LAW FIRM needs motivated person to do challenging legal and clerical tasks Great Experience to field.

SERVING — -JK)R Check Our Rates Guestrooms $6 Suites PERSONAL INJURY LAW Complimentary Sh^W Complimentary Co" Complimentary Park Full Kitchens, Heated 10587 Wilshire Boulevard, West! /HQdlojigt Ay HOUYWOOD PRODUCERS AND STUDIOS ARE CONSTANTLY LOOKING TO BUY INTERESTING TRUE-UFE STORIES. Phillips Staff Writer The UCLA debate team claims that budgetary constraints are hindering its ctiances for a national championship and discouraging minority participation, but an administrator on Wednesday said the team is receiving the maximum budget possible. Resppnsibilities include: press release writing, coordination w/major ad agencies, market research, minimal admin, tasks. Unk^ue, entry-l^el positkn w/ tremendous opportunity for advancement, uall Jillian at: (213) 447-5600.

*They need to go in order to know abouj the diversity of cultures. Nikkei Student Union member performs the Odori, the traditional style of Japanese dancing. 7 days (take out excluded) DO YOU HAVE A TRUE- LIFE STORY TO SELL? RODU CHER'S J)aily Bruin News Thursdayr f=fllyuafy IS, 1990 7 Debate team hindered by budget strains, members But administrator says team is receiving maximum funding Dossible By Val D. Call C213) 453-1817 PUBUCATION ASSISTANT Natk}nai magazine w/offices in Brentwood seeks enthusiastic, team-oriented, non-smoker with strong communk:ations skills and 1 yr -t- editorial/publications background. "Our *guests* won*t leave,** mourned marina manager Sheila Chandor. Miohaal Woma Viawpoint Ed Hor: Uaa Ham Mon Aaalatani VIowpo Int Ed Mor: Jll Taykx ' Aria* Ehianainimnr Edltora: Je- juna Pinhairo. 'There is a kfnd of ideal in tea that every gathering is a special and unique opportunity. NEW SAN DIEGO 3964 5TH AVE, HILLCfe EST 619/294-8600 di ESCONDIDO NORTH COUNTY FAIR 619/746-2537 WEST HOLLYWOOD 9000 SANTA MONICA BLVD. County Supervisor and transportation commission member Ed Edelman made the committee's decision possible through his continued support for the veloway. A total of million is needed for the construction of the veloway. "But the tourists love it** The main walkway runs directly in front of the sea lions* new adopted neighborhood. Rob Wktfiald Sporta Ed Hor: David Gteon Aaaialani Sporta Ed Mor*: Wandy Wlhof Bpoon. Annia Ward Daalgn Ed Hora: Nanoaa La Horrmnd, Abart Poon Pholograpliy Ed Hor: Ly MMIa Taai Aaalatani Ptiotography Ed Hora: Mjilhiat Oaul)^ Mbmt Soeng Staff Pholographara: Oaan Abramaon. With that in mind, an effort is made to make the best of this time, so a lot of preparation goes into planning everything so that the guests at the tea will enjoy it very much,** explained Dale Slusser, who per- formed the ceremony. 213/275-0285 The Streets and Highways Committee of the Los Angeles County Transportation Commission voted Wednesday to grant 0,000 to the engineering of a proposed elevated bikeway that would link UCLA, Westwood and Brentwood. The transportation commission is expected to approve the decision to grant funds for the veloway project at the end of this week, Snyder said. The transportion commission's funds will bring total contributions to 3,000. But Dean of Honors and Under- graduate Programs Edward Alpers said the Division cannot allot the team more money. compete, on a regular basis, against the kinds of teams we need to,*' debater Jeff Berman said. who is on the dean*s staff in the College of Letters and Science. Housecleaners • Full * Part-Um«^^~ ^* Flexible Hour* * •Lots of Work* * Mep, Women, Students, etc.

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