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Similarly, her handsome co-star Tom Mison had tried his level best to convince her to forget the man and move on.

Same thing happened to Nicole Beharie, renowned actress who triggered herself to depression after split with her ex-boyfriend Michael Fassbender.

Today, we will be discussing about Nicole Beharie dating life, the reason for ex-split and is she able to overcome depression or not!

She has charm that no other people have.” People, Nicole’s fans and followers speculated him to be playboy, who was just playing with Nicole’s feelings. It’s been already three years since she was dumped (no offense).

For Michael, he was already in relation with Swedish actress Alicia Vikander.

Today they were photographed together looking friendly in New York.

Perhaps the rumours are right and there’s more to it.In 2011, Beharie performed five original songs as a singer-songwriter opposite German actor Ken Duken in the romantic comedy My Last Day Without You.In the Russell Leigh Sharman film adaptation of his play Apartment 4E, she played Piper, a troubled young woman who never leaves her apartment.” In January 2013, Inquisitr, the duo ended relation. This news was publicly posted by Nicole herself: The real cause of divorce is not disclosed till date, might be because of misunderstanding or something like that.This unexpected dumping from Michael surely was heart break for Beharie. — Brown Girls Love Fassy (@Fassbender Love) January 12, 2013 In October 2013, Celeb Itchy, Michael made statement about the new relation he is continuing.Breakups and Patch-ups are not much of deal for most of celebrities but may be more devastating in most of cases.

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