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Cube Cubic SX (fitted with optional equipment)Developed around the concept of "a compact three-row vehicle with outstanding practicality," the Cube³ is uniquely distinguished by the following principal features: · Super three-row packaging Within the car's compact overall length of 3,900 mm, the cabin achieves one of the highest levels of interior efficiency in this class.

The Cube³ is appointed with comfortable, sofa-like seats, one of the Cube's salient features.

This is a very tidy example that ticks all the boxes. Dealer, WAIKATO Ideal small business vehicle with oodles of rear storage space, Fully tinted glass, rear folding seats and 46,600kms on the clock. Dealer, AUCKLAND Just arrived, specially imported by us, great condition, custom floor mats, registered for 6 months from December 2016.

The name signifies that the excellent space efficiency of the Cube has been further improved to create a roomier interior and greater space for more versatile usage.

In addition, the number 3 indicates that the Cube³ is a "three-row vehicle." Sales target:3,500 units/month Dealers selling the Cube³Nissan and Motor channel dealers of the Nissan Blue Stage and Satio, Prince and Cherry channel dealers of the Nissan Red Stage (including Nissan Red and Blue Stage dealers that handle all models) Sales launch events: Saturday and Sunday, September 6-7, and Saturday, Sunday and Monday, September 13-15 Cube³ Overview1.

One of the most economical 7 Seater vehicles on the road 1500cc is very peppy and performs well Rear seats fold away to make good size boot space, then flip up for extra passengers, kids friends or...

Dealer, CANTERBURY - 2005 NISSAN CUBE 1.4 - Economical Car - Suits For Your Budget - Beige Colour Interior - 5 Seats With Cover - Foldable Rear Seats - CD Player - 5 Doors Hatchback - Excellent Tyres - ABS Brakes -... If not pre-sold in transit, price will be adjusted to a market level, when this vehicle is rea...

Folding down the second-row seat as well creates an even larger, flat cargo bay, featuring no lift-over height at the back opening for easier loading and unloading.

The highly versatile seating arrangements can be conveniently configured to match the number of occupants and the purpose of use, and the interior abounds with a variety of handy storage places.

The three elements of ample knee room, generous headroom and a suitable height from the floor to the hip point (heel level difference) are optimally balanced to make the third-row seat one of the most hospitable of any in this vehicle class.

The third-row seat is among the widest in this class, boasting a width of 990 mm.

Design The design expresses the themes of "warmth," "gentleness," and "premium quality," based on the concept of the New Cubic Design that optimally harmonizes the motifs of "individuality," "function" and "user attachment." · Exterior In addition to the laterally asymmetrical design, which achieves both individuality and function, the exterior styling is distinguished by the unique body proportions that convey a sense of high class and poised stability.

· Interior The interior has been specifically created around a "functional design that is enjoyable to use," while at the same time securing relaxing roominess and a sense of warmth.

In addition, when the seatback is returned to its original position, the walk-in memory function automatically slides the second-row seat to the memorized position for easy ingress to the seat, while also allowing ample space for the third-row seat occupants.

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