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Buying flowers, wearing cologne, even having dinner with someone has far deeper psychological connections than you may expect, and are forms of mind control.and having been through several other NLP trainings, your classes are definitely top notch and a step above, and give us plenty of opportunities to learn and train our skills.This goes for anything - cultures, races, religions, species, it doesn't matter.

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Thanks so much, and keep it up…can’t wait for the next training!

If you have a thorough understanding of NLP, seduction is a straightforward process.

This begs the question, why do I need to write about mirroring, if it's so natural?

Because just like any other skill you can name, there are vastly different levels of ability, and you can get much better by practicing.

The most sound theory of reasoning states that this is because spiders are so unusual compared to ourselves.

Snakes, octopodes and other creatures that are so different from ourselves are often subject to fear. If you turned around and there was a big purple octopus between you and the door, would you pick it up and move it out of the way, or would you prefer someone else did that for you? The point is, the more different something/someone is from ourselves, the more we fear it.

If you mimick somebody's accent, it is immediately raised to conscious levels and becomes inconducive to good communication and rapport.

Just while we're on the subject, spiders are often the subject of phobia.

The other group of waiters were told to mirror their customers simply by repeating their orders back to them.

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