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Then came the collaborations with everyone from Willie Nelson and Keith Richards to Seth Mac Farlane and half-sister Anoushka Shankar.

Her famous (and famously distant) father, Ravi Shankar, died in 2012, just before Jones started her own family.

Well, I think I got lucky, I sort of ‘happened’ before all that got insane.

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Do you have any financial advice for young musicians? Try to, if you get any kind of deal doing anything, be super smart about it and aware of what you’re signing. It’s really hard to make money playing music these days. What made you agree to do the song ‘Dreamgirl’ with The Lonely Island? My friend Sarah and I did a thing called ‘Dealbreaker’.

It’s really hard for young people, nobody’s buying records, nobody is even paying very much for streaming services so it’s messed up for young people right now. But I love The Lonely Island guys and that was super fun for me.

“I write songs on my kitchen piano,” she says, adding that her 2-and-a-half-year-old son’s favorite hobby is running laps around the room’s island counter before bedtime.

It’s a rare glimpse into the life of one of music’s most private stars, which — by any account besides her own — has completely transformed since her last studio album, 2012’s pop-flavored (and Danger Mouse-produced) with her alt-country band Puss N Boots.

Norah Jones: Probably if I agree with the press release for this album [laughs]. Yeah, well people like to put motherhood at the centre of female careers, don’t they? And they also want to know how it “changed my process”. Wow, yeah, I actually deliberately am not asking you anything do with that. Since you started out on the music scene around 2002, the Internet has really disrupted the way that music careers are built.

And I’m like, how has parenthood changed you and your job? Do you think the Internet is a good or a bad thing for musicians? Hip-hop is playing again And it's bangin, toooo.... I just wanna lay around all day And feel the breeze upon my knees I'm so INTO your rich history.. Since the world met Jones, she has been consistently making music with some of the best in the business (Ray Charles, Q-Tip, Willie Nelson…), and that voice, thank God, is very much still with us. Do you do consider yourself a calm or an anxious person in your day-to-day life?GQ: Having done so many interviews, what’s one question you’re sick of being asked? “It says it’s a kindred spirit to your first album? ” And it’s like sure, but can’t you form your own opinions? I also get kind of sick of people asking - it’s weird, because I love my kids, of course I love my kids - but people ask a lot of questions about being a mom and sometimes it’s kind of like: are we talking about the album or…? I’m definitely a normal human - I have both sides to me. But when I get busy, I get more anxious and agitated and I try to do yoga and stretches and remind myself not to sweat the small stuff.And a lot of artists I know, that’s like the furthest thing from their personality. How would you have dealt with social media, things like Instagram or Twitter, if it had existed when you were 22 years old when you first blew up? It’s really hard, there’s a lot of content out there now.

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