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I’d given up hope of affording a second cruise in my life, so boarding the ship was like reuniting with an old, dead friend.A friend who greeted my boyfriend and me with Christmas trees and hammered old people.

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While Kasper grabbed the next round of drinks, I hung out at a table by myself. A tall, old, wet, wasted, wobbling man gallantly fell into the seat across from me.

Wow, out of all the girls in the club, he picked me. It was kind of hot how this elderly man was hitting on me yet still trying to be my grandpa. I thought it was a fun idea to sell hotdogs in a nightclub, but was turned off when I saw that, in typical Norwegian fashion, the hotdogs were grotesquely longer than their buns.

But unlike doomed paupers, we ate dinner at the world-class, affordable boat pizzeria, “Little Italy.” Aside from the two elderly Norwegian women we shared a table with, we may as well have been nestled in the hills of Tuscany.

My pizza was buried in five centimeters of ham, but I tasted the Vatican.

We asked a guy for directions to our room – figured he’d know since he was wearing a uniform and carrying a tower of ten Sprite cans – but he didn’t actually work there. “I’m getting fucked up tonight”, he explained, before disappearing into a room.

So I felt like that was our induction into the boat community.

This time on the show, Rhete STILL watches all the Japanese Cartoons he can in any given period of time, John's tired of all these damn dams, and Polly is a sexy sword-slinging android, but you already knew that part. -Poll Y: Automata I guess a lot's been goin' down the last few days in the ol' gaming sphere, but you just go ahead and push all that junk right out of your brain and listen to your ol' pals at the Sockscast regale you with uplifting tales of cannibalism, the brutal, yet gleeful murders of your sisters, and what it's like being a bug in a world that's dead. -Pollyshowersnightly Polly got a chance to sit down with professional voice actress, fellow David Bowie nerd, and all around Super-Rad Person™, Kira Buckland for a nice lengthy chat.

Also, there may be a Sega love-fest somewhere in this episode. You won't have room in your grey matter for much else! Kira takes some time to school Polly on the ins and outs of the current voice acting world as well as share her journey from her start at voice acting in Newgrounds projects all the way up to where she is now.

Norwegians had been telling me for years that Danskebåten was cheesy, trashy, and full of terminally ill people who still got shitfaced on weekends.


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