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We’ve all felt the uncomfortable pressure of an unwanted marketing pitch, right?The pushy used car salesman, the vacuum cleaner guy at your front door, the people in the mall who want you to take their survey, the telemarketer who didn’t seem to hear you say, “no” the first time.

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(Yes, it's Penthouse.) Suddenly, the niche community you thought you were tapping into by signing up with The Onion Dating, turns out to be much larger.

Which isn't to say your interests will not overlap. Dell shareholders To be sure, Friend Finder likely does not mix together all the profiles of all its branded sites. And it’s just one result of the fast consolidation in the industry.

In the marketing world, value is the cheese and a pushy sales pitch is the whiskers.

As long as you’re providing value, people are going to be attracted to you and the message you have to share.

It’s been said that the average consumer is like a mouse when it comes to the way they respond to marketing.

A mouse spends all day either looking for cheese or running from whiskers (attached to a cat, of course).

It may sound kind of strange to say it that way, but I’m discovering that marketing in the modern age can actually be fun.

That’s because I’m stepping into the online space and using media and digital platforms to connect with people in personal, relevant ways that actually make meaningful connections that lead to relationships.

There are thousands of sites out there, many with an incredible degree of specificity in their target audience.

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