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When we think of who He His and all the works of his hands, all we can do is stand in awe, speechless in His presence.It is said that scientists discover hundreds of new species of plants, organisms, fish, and other underwater animals every day.Customer must have their Confirmation Number, Credit Card used for purchase and Photo Identification.

ACTS Consulting/Diane Sherman (Marietta) 678-404-9309 – Addiction Solutions Training/Donna Johnson (Cartersville) 770-714-7605 – of Recovery in Higher Education (Kennesaw)- 706-542-8690- Intervention Network/ David Clark (Tucker) 770-713-8580- Applied Training & Consultant Group/Patricia Brown (Decatur) 404-217-2722 – Recovery Counseling Consultants/Deidre Badu (Atlanta) 678-650-5474 – [email protected] Tomorrows/Shannon Eller (Griffin) 770-468-7424- of Recovery/Karen Kelly (Decatur) 404-243-5576 – Exchange Ministry, Inc./ Canzada Twyman (Douglasville) 404-462-6831 – Counseling and Consulting/Brenda Edwards (College Park) 404-4964-6541- Impact Training & Counseling, Inc.

/Gary Byrd (Atlanta) 404-523-6074 – Harris Associates/Donnie Harris (Atlanta) 678-668-5295 – [email protected] Research Institute, Inc.

Laura, and The Junior Gems; Mark's Magic Pictures: Cat; Cool Tricks: Adam Deibert playing "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" with his hands; DJ Lance Dance: "The Big Bounce"; Matching Game with Foofa Songs: "It Is Fall", "Halloween", "Trick or Treat", "Too Much Candy"; Jingle: "Halloween"; Listen To Sounds with Toodee; DJ Lance Dance: The Teeter-Totter; Cool Tricks: Rebecca Gallo demonstrates Taekwondo; Colors with Brobee: Orange Songs: "Hello Song", "Name Game", "Excuse Me (You're Excused)", "Goodbye Song (Magic Ball Friends Version)"; Jingle: "Hello, Goodbye"; Animation: "Please, Thank You"; Biz's Beat of the Day with Biz Markie; Numbers: Drumming Numbers (Eight); DJ Lance Dance: "The Rock Rock"; Super Martian Robot Girl: "Do You Like My Haircut?

"; Colors with Brobee: Brown; Songs: "Hold Still", "Skippy Skip Skip", "Nice and Easy", "Hands To The Beat"; Jingle: "Pick It Up"; I Play: Drums with Ricky Fitness; Fun To: Wash Your Hair; Dancey Dance: Skateboarding with Tony Hawk; Cool Tricks: Venom Break Dancers; Funny Faces: Pull Lips Down; Storytime: "Bruce The Moose"Songs: "On My Face", "Baby Steps, Big Steps", "Don't Bite Your Friends", "Teamwork"; Jingle: "Love Every Living Thing"; Play Pretend with Muno: Horse; Dancey Dance: "The Twirly Wirly" with Nikki Flores; Mark's Magic Pictures: Monkey; Numbers: Fingers (Ten); DJ Lance Dance: "The Funky Penguin"; Super Martian Robot Girl: "Dance of the Cobraman"Songs: "I Love Winter", "Decorate The Tree", "Making Presents", "For Me, For You"; Jingle: "Christmas Time"; Pretend with Muno: Christmas Tree; Dancey Dance: "The Snowy Jingle" with The Snow Princess*; Mark's Magic Pictures: Snowman; 'Numbers: Animals in the Forest (Five); Funny Face: Face Squish; Storytime: "Santa's Helpers" * Note The Snow Princess is the first Dancey-Dance friend in stop motion.

The following education providers hold a GACA Provider Number for specific courses to guarantee acceptance toward Certification/ Recertification.

Please contact the provider for training details and to verify courses with GACA Provider Numbers.

Training advertised as “GACA approved” may not equate to having a GACA Provider Number.

A NAADAC Provider Number does not meet criteria listed as “must have GACA Provider Number” (but can qualify under “other approved providers”).

"; Mark's Magic Pictures: Crayon; Funny Face: Chin Stroke; Storytime: "Seymour the Skateboard"; Cool Tricks: Matthew on a Pogo stick Songs: "Let's Fly", "Friends Can Help", "Up, Up and Away"; Jingle: "Balloon Ride"; Numbers: "The Red Balloon"; Biz's Beat of the Day, DJ Lance Dance, The Whirlybird; Dancey Dance: with The Geeks (Martin, John and Samm)Songs: "Superhero", "Super Teamwork", "Super Good"; Jingle: "We R Superheroes"; Biz's Beat of the Day; Storytime: "Super Martian Robot Girl & The Yeti"; Craft Time: Superhero Masks with Timothy; Numbers: "The Aquabats"Songs: "A Better Day", "Magic Beans", "Climbing the Beanstalk", "I'm So Sorry"; Jingle: "Golden Goose Fairytale"; DJ Lance Dance: "Climb the Beanstalk"; Note: "A Better Day" is credited as Performed by See Spot and Composed by Andrew Fackrell.

Songs: "Building a Clubhouse", "Do Our Own Thing", "Everything is More Fun"; Numbers: Clubhouse; Jingle: "Help Your Friends"; Mark's Magic Pictures: Tools; Dancey Dance: "When I Feel Down" with Erykah Badu Songs: "I Love My Pet", "That's What Friends Are For", "Promise To My Pet"; Jingle: "My Special Friend"; Mark's Magic Pictures: Guinea pig; Dancey Dance: Rolly Polly with Rob; Storytime: "Clyde and Harry"Songs: "I Love Bugs", "Follow The Oskie Bugs", "Baby Bugs Come From Little Eggs"; Jingle: "Bugs"; Mark's Magic Pictures: Ant Farm; Cool Tricks: Mix Master Mike performs a DJ Mix; Storytime: "Buzzy the Bee"Songs: "Ask If You Can Pick It Up", "Look Around", "Party Today"; Knock Knock Joke of the Day; Biz's Beat of the Day; Mark's Magic Pictures: Magic Star; Jingle: "Birds"; Craft Time: Paper Masks with James; Note: Unique show opening and titles Songs: "Ready For Christmas", "Make It Yourself", "Holiday Lights"; Jingle: "To Give a Present"; Storytime: "Douglas the Christmas Tree"; Madelyn, Brian and The Band perform "Hot Chocolate"; DJ Lance and The Gabbaland Choir perform "Christmas Is Upon Us", Note: Unique show opening and titles Super Music Friends Show: "Just Because It's Different Doesn't Mean It's Scary" by I'm From Barcelona; Super Music Friends Show: "Mama Loves Baby" by Solange Knowles; Cool Tricks: Josh plays drums and eats lunch at the same time; Jingle: Everybody Has A Talent; Super Music Friends Show: "Spaceship Adventure" by Brandon, Ronnie, Mark & Dave (AKA The Killers); DJ Lance Dance: The Dance Machine; Super Music Friends Show: "Try Again" by The Shins; Super Music Friends Show: "Lovely, Love My Family" by The Roots Songs: "Swim, Swim, Swim", "We All Look Weird, We Love Each Other Just the Same", "Undersea Dance Contest"; Storytime: "Harris & Toby"; Mark's Magic Pictures: "Little Fish Guy", Numbers: "Undersea Friends", Jingle: "The Mermaid Song"Songs: "We Can Do Anything", "Yo Gabba-lympics", "We Are All Winners"; Jingle: "The Clapping Song"; Biz's Beat of the Day; Dancey Dance: "The Rainbow Drop" with Bill Hader; Cool Tricks: Kayla performs Acrobatics Songs: "Let's All Make a List", "Stick Together", "If You Break It, You Buy It"; Jingle: "Pancakes & Syrup"; Mark's Magic Pictures: "Bag of Groceries"; Cool Tricks: Greg Hawkes plays the ukulele; Super Martian Robot Girl: "The Supermarket"; DJ Lance Dance: "The Shopping Cart", Storytime: "Stubbins & The Beets"Songs: "Bad Spy, Bad Guy", "One Of The Good Spies", "Chasing Down The Bad Spy", "Balloon Art Party"; Jingle: "Amazing Disguise"; Storytime: "Ian The Spy"; Spying Numbers; Note: DVD release: April 17, 2013Songs: "Dinosaurs Are Really Really", "Plants Or Meat", "Now It's Sleepytime" Jingle: "Dinosaur Dinosaur"; Mark's Magic Pictures: "Tyrannasaurus Rex"; Dancey Dance: "The Caveman Kaboom with Patton"; Super Martian Robot Girl: "Prehistroic Dinosaurs"; Knock-Knock Joke of the Day; DJ Lance Dance: "T-Rex Stomp"; Animation: "Atomic Frog" (performed by George Clinton)Songs: "Choices", "Let's Be Awesome While We Wait", "Mind Our Manners" Jingle: "Gimmie, Gimmie, Gimmie"; Cool Tricks: Balancing toothpicks with Steve, Caleb, and Kayla; DJ Lance Dance: "Noodle Twirl"; Craft Time: Place Mats with Eddie, Storytime: "Amazing Restaurant"Songs: "Who Am I?

"; DJ Lance Dance: "The Raincloud"; Storytime: "Water Drops & Oil"; Numbers: "A Day In The Park"Songs: "The Robot Song", "Electricity", "The Robot Game"; Jingle: "We Are The Robots" by Enon; Mark's Magic Pictures: Robot Gorilla; Cool Tricks: Rhys Darby Pretends to be a Robot; DJ Lance Dance: "The Robot Recharge"; Storytime: "Prof.

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