Online dating faqs

In this section we have set out tips that will help you have a safe experience.

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Many dating website and forums will have rules to protect users from people using the site incorrectly.

Report any suspicious or offensive behaviour to the online dating site.

The safety of those using online dating is a primary concern across the industry.

Your personal safety should be your top priority and you should always use caution and your best judgement when communicating with or meeting new people, both online and offline.

Turn off your geo-location tags on your phone, before sending images to someone else.

Some mobile phones and digital cameras automatically attach data to the photo file that identifies where the picture was taken, so turning this function off helps you to avoid a situation where someone you met online, might be able to trace your movements.

This group should include police and VAWG colleagues as well as other experts who can be invited to discuss current issues.

The role of the group would be to ensure personal safety remains a live topic and appropriate information is disseminated within the agency.

Consider creating a username that doesn’t reveal too much about yourself.

When chatting with someone online it’s better to talk about where you’ve been rather than where you’re going.

Our consumer information offers advice around subsciptions, staying safe and general questions we have found that consumers have.

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