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The bidder must hand over the cash payment on the first date and also pay for the date. Irvine men ranked second, spending an average of 7 for a crack at love. founder Brandon Wade launched the company In March from Las Vegas.

They browse the website and if they see a woman they want to date, they make her an offer. says that the 383 Newport Beach men who used the site since it launched a few months ago, bid an average 9 to score a date.

They browse the website and if they see a woman they want to date, they make her an offer. has put out a list of the top 10 "most generous" cities in the nation in which Orange County is folded in with Los Angeles. 1: Denver, where the average bid for a first date is 1. Seattle, with guys paying women an average of 7 for a chance at love. Huffington Post also went with a question: Buying and selling first dates: The death of romance? "While a woman can show her love, care and tenderness in many ways, men in general lack this skill," he says. As for the man who doesn't have money, Wade says: "The financially poor man will need to learn to show his generosity in other ways: By being generous with his time, giving undivided attention, having deep conversations, demonstrating greater understanding and having patience.

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Old-school, face-to-face matchmaking is doing very well despite popular dating sites and online dating apps.

The matchmaking team at Orange County Singles goes above and beyond to deliver something only professional matchmakers can, and its that personal touch that keeps Orange County Singles thriving with business.

has crunched their numbers to find the top five "most generous" cities in Orange County. "Namely, a healthy real estate market and a lower unemployment rate." Ninety-five percent of the bidders on are men. A new online dating site where men pay women to go on dates with them has ranked Newport Beach as the city with "the most generous" single men in the nation.

Men there offered women an average of $72 to go on a first date with them. 2 on the "top 5 most ungenerous cities list" followed by Miami, Las Vegas and London, "the city which brought us the infamous Mr. Men there bid an average of $98 for a date, taking the foreign exchange rates into account. The 108 Huntington Beach men who have used the online dating service since it launched in March, have bid an average of $109 for a chance at a first date. "The cities that make the top 10 list have a few things in common," says founder Brandon Wade.

Thanks to impersonal mobile dating apps, like Tinder, and risky online dating sites that offer no privacy or security, relationship-minded women are turning to dating services like Orange County Singles.

Private matchmaking services have surged in popularity because they deliver true results that no dating app or dating site can match.

Orange County Singles provides an upscale and efficient way of dating, providing clients a private and personal approach to finding love.

The expert matchmakers cater to each clients personal desires and deliver dates that dont disappoint.

Also last year, Orange County resident Joseph Raymond Garcia, 51, was convicted of raping three women he met through a website called Millionaire


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