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Be honest — when was the last time you dated with an open mind and heart? Was your mind open to each potential candidate’s good qualities, or did you run for the hills at the first sign of trouble (scuffed shoes, a nervous smile, spinach in their teeth, etc.)?If you’re like most singles, you have a specific dating check list with very little wiggle room. If you’re serious about seeking your soul mate (or at least enjoying better dating results) in 2009, the following five dating tips will help you open your mind so that you may just open your heart in the coming year.Living and dating with an open mind and heart in 2009 will greatly increase your chances of success. By putting them into practice in your everyday life, you greatly increase your chances of relationship success.

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Open minded dating

If you’re dragging your past into the present, you’re closing yourself off to awesome new opportunities.

And in 2009, you owe it to yourself to become a truly savvy single. Do you set appropriate boundaries, honor your word, and live with integrity?

By letting go of any preconceived notions about when and how you’ll meet The One, you open yourself up to the possibility of meeting many amazing “Ones.” Along the way you learn, grow, and get clearer about the one that might be right for you.

With more realistic expectations, you’ll be better equipped to attract the right relationship for you.

As always, be true to yourself and don’t worry about walking a tight-rope to make it work. The bedroom is a great place to practice what’s taught in class, and there’s no doubt good sex enhances a relationship. Author Kim Anami writes in her article, “Sex Yoga = Orgasmic Enlightenment,” “The best sex is borne out of an open, non-judgmental way of being: everything is accepted.” Ever used sex toys with a partner? The experts at Adam & Eve have a few ideas and share them on their blog—it turns out shame or social taboo could be keeping couples from experimenting.

This closed-mindedness could be getting in the way an even deeper intimacy.

If you say what you mean and mean what you say in 2009, you will enjoy amazing dating results and be well on your way towards your happily ever after future.

Dating Tip #2: Act, Don’t React Rather than reacting to every little nuance of dating that rubs you the wrong way (his tendency to talk too much about his job, asking you to split the check on the first date, calling a little too frequently, etc.) take action to create a healthy and tolerant mindset.

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— “Just be open-minded.” This is something singles hear constantly. We’re open to a lot of things that most people are not.

Dating Tip #4: Be Flexible Just because someone you meet doesn’t appear to be your type, it’s important to keep an open mind and heart. In order for you to recognize their potential, you’ve got to keep your mind open.

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