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Tobago's name probably derived from tabaco (tobacco in Spanish).

Member organizations include giant screen filmmakers, distributors, theaters, suppliers, manufacturers, and students from around the world.

It’s a member-driven organization with a full-time staff that works to meet the association’s needs and promote its members’ interests.

NFF's approach seeks to demystify, by presenting old information in a fresh and productive way.

Using real life examples, this workshop will engage participants in the fundamentals of nonprofit finance in order to better equip leaders and managers to interpret financial statements and assess their organizations' fiscal health.

v=t_j76Topc2g&t=424s Considered by many to be the mother of modern day Baithak Gana, Dropati was introduced to the Indian music industry in the Caribbean by way of her album Let's Sing and Dance.

Produced in 1968, the album includes captivating wedding folk songs that easily transport the listener to colorful Indian village weddings dating centuries before Dropati's time.

The Association holds two major annual events, a Film Expo in February/March and an International Conference and Trade Show in September.

GSCA was founded in 2006 with the unification of the Large Format Cinema Association (LFCA) and the Giant Screen Theater Association (GSTA) which grew out of predecessors dating to the early 1980’s.

The effects of the release of these two albums were tremendous.

Not only did they prove East Indian music to be a legitimate art form but they also united the East Indians of the Caribbean regardless of whether they were Guyanese, Trinidadian, Jamaican or Surinamese.

Trinidadians and Tobagonians of African descent are called "Negro," "Black," or "African." Trinidadians of Indian descent are called "East Indian" (to differentiate them from Amerindians) or "Indian." More recently the terms "Afro-Trinidadian" (or "Afro-Tobagonian") and "Indo-Trinidadian" have gained currency, reflecting heightened ethnic claims to national status.


  1. But let's just say for argument's sake that you're stuck somewhere in 1997 and don't like forking out credit card information on the web or are nervous about it showing up on your bill.

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