Orthodox catholic dating sites Chat jovencitas

They are patrolled by a covey of long term women (and a few sympathetic men) who use the site NOT for dating (since these can't get a date) but as a social site to keep tabs on each other.New "meat" is shaken out fast and if you sound conservative (7 out of 7 on Catholic questions) and give even a hint of being a strong male that wants nothing to do with feminist liberal women they will wolf-pack to pounce on you unmercifully.

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It appears that there is some insider relationship with moderators who will create false profiles (impossibly attractive "too good to be true" women) who's first post is to you to get you in the forums is to talk to them in private and reveal personal information so they can figure out more about you.

Something is NOT right at CM and I do not think any valid Catholic ecclesial oversight is in place and its just another private secular commercial site pretending to be Catholic and defining what they want as the social mores.

Do not be surprised at the blatant lack of charity as the "old gals club" will attempt to publicly gang attack to humiliate you and set you up to say something against the rules to they can then report you and get you banned.

In fact there is no appeal process and if you do get banned one day your account is just "closed" without any comment (know of 3 men this happened to).

There is a possibility that the information provided here is outdated or wrong, please check with the service directly for the most recent information. I'm sure there might be a small percent of good guys but not many.

As always you should read your terms of service before signing up to any online service. I have heard as well that the marriages don't last so don't be fooled by the "success stories" As God said you will know them by their fruits.

Catholic Match rises above other dating sites for Catholic singles.

They receive well over 10,000 new members each month and have about five times as many active members as most other Catholic dating sites.

There is a very low limit of 10-15 messages you can send to different people, whom you have not spoken to at a given time and they send warning messages when somebody wants to share offline contacts and move the relationship on the next level, because they want to keep it all on CM and keep you paying as much as you can.

My profile was removed from the administrator, just because I have sent my e-mail address to a few people on the site and when I received a warning from the administrator I asked them to raise a complaint to the second level and to challenge that decision, because it is nowhere stated in the terms of service that you are not allowed to do that.

Simply they want to keep you on this site as a paying member forever.


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