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The verb generally agrees with the subject in both transitive and intransitive sentences.


The Rabatak inscription of Emperor Kanishka written in Bactrian and Greek contains Pashto words, Abdul Hai Habibi says that the people borrowed these Pashto words due to proximity with Pashto speakers.

Strabo, who lived between 64 BC and 24 CE, explains that the tribes inhabiting the lands west of the Indus River were part of Ariana and to their east was India.

In modern times, noticing the incursion of Persian and Persianised-Arabic vocabulary, there is a strong desire to purify Pashto by restoring its old vocabulary.

two numbers (sing./plur.), and four cases (direct, oblique I, oblique II and vocative).

was more widely used in government institutions while Pashto was spoken by the Pashtun tribes as their native tongue.

Amanullah Khan began promoting Pashto during his reign as a marker of ethnic identity and a symbol of "official nationalism" leading Afghanistan to independence after the defeat of the British colonial power in the Third Anglo-Afghan War.Really nice footage of babes working hard on big cocks, either by sucking them or by fucking them in special scenes of real adult XXX porn.High quality porn videos for unforgettable moments.It is also spoken in parts of Mianwali and Attock districts of the Punjab province and in Islamabad, as well as by Pashtuns who are found living in different cities throughout the country.Modern Pashto-speaking communities are found in the cities of Karachi and Hyderabad in Sindh.From the 16th century, Pashto poetry become very popular among the Pashtuns.

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