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Once it got rolling, though, it was definitely interesting.

The foundation for (in short, the Christopher Nolan movies and Arkham games) wouldn’t exist, and all we’d have is the grinning idiot from the ‘60’s and the colorful, nipply Batman & Robin of the ‘90’s. On top of his contributions to the comics form, Neal’s work means a lot to me personally because it was some of the first stuff I ever read.

I learned what words were from a stack of old comics, and Neal drew an awful lot of them.

By the time I got to kindergarten, while other kids were trying to differentiate between the big, colorful letter-shaped creatures, I was spelling cool words like “malevolent” and “inter-galactic.” Thanks, Neal!

I later found out that Neal was also an early advocate for creator’s rights, earning comic artists the right to retain their original art after publication.

Last year was slightly sleeker with the addition of more seasoned moderators.

I'm totally grateful to Wizard World for continuously returning to the area and putting up with the issues of the convention center. I interviewed the original hulk, Lou Ferrigno (who is as charming, gentlemanly, open and awesome as you'd expect), I was ignored by a power ranger, watched the amazing Matt Smith and Karen Gillan ('Doctor Who') chat British with each other, smiled as the awesome Nathan Fillion (who really is ruggedly handsome) and amazingly talented Alan Tudyk (who literally gave his own items away to the crowd) charm a room full of people, and laughed as Eddie Mc Clintock ('Warehouse 13') disguised himself as a half-naked seemingly pregnant male Philadelphian (trust me) and busted in on Nathan and Alan's set.

I had three goals for today: attend a panel on the comics industry by Mike Deodato and David Campiti, make one more slow pass through Artist Alley, and talk to Neal Adams.

(More on Neal in a minute.) The Mike Deodato/David Campiti panel started off a little rocky; rather, it started almost half an hour late due to a Convention staff screw-up.

Adams and O’Neil gave Batman some of his darkest, coolest villains (Ra’s al Ghul, Man-Bat) and made the Joker the psychopath we all know and love.


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