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Cybersex is not the solution to achieving a decent quality of life, but the existence, persistence, up to the embodiment of the workers of this phenomenon signifies that the State’s vision of ICT for development is not living up to its promise of socioeconomic upliftment; and through the institutionalized uses of technology, a culture of creative ICT use is constrained rather than promoted.Cybersex thus foregrounds some problematic ramifications of the present ICT framework and the institutional mechanisms supporting it.

I’d grown up enough to become acutely aware of my own outsiderness. It was stupidly easy: Post “16/f/ma” and within seconds you would be rolling in attention.

Sixteen seemed like the perfect age, primarily because at 13, 16 seemed more than grown-up enough.

I remember him telling me that someday we would be together and he would protect me. I still don’t know if he just broke it off with me or if something terrible happened to him. There was the 26-year-old gas station attendant and criminal justice major from New York who my mother called the police on.

He was my online boyfriend for a while, but I’m not sure why.

We also look at how the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012 complements this state policy aspiration.

We argue that the cybersex phenomenon in the Philippines illustrates how institutional development strategies could inadvertently already marginalized sectors of society.It never occurred to me that have cybersex with a 16-year-old was still illegal and that the men trying to woo me were equal parts creepy and tragic.And that’s what stands out to me about my cybering days: the men.It puts to question the goal of inclusive development in Philippine ICT policymaking and legislation, hinting at the risks and repercussions of creating an information society under the neoliberal market economy.Addressing this challenge, we propose, begins with a reconsideration of cybersex as a form of ICT-facilitated affective labour and learning from the multifaceted narratives that constitute informal uses of ICTs.The masked woman in the video has been identified as Margallo.


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