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The German Shepherd was bred to be a great herder, one who would be skilled, intelligent, agile and athletic.However this was in the late 1800s, early 1900s and in fact the need for herding dogs was on the decline.Probably the hope was to get a dog who would be active, powerful and alert but also level headed and good as a working dog and as a family dog.

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The uptempo, party-ready urban jam is already out on radios and last…Katy Perry apparently can't wait any longer to drop her new album. Last night she debuted another one via her new favorite outlet: Instagram stories. The uplifting EDM song is about love and that's exactly what the treatment for the music video was based on.

In a brief 10 second video, Katy shared with us a snippet…Last week Stargate's glorious debut single "Waterfall" featuring queens Pink and Sia got released. The…Who knew Kehlani would sound this well doing pop music?

She is a large cross breed and while she is a great family dog she is also a great working dog used for police work, search and rescue, sports, personal protection and detection.

She is commonly used by the Unites States Secret Service.

Allies were impressed and took some back with them where they became popular in America, with Rin Tin Tin a movie star being one of them.

In Germany there was a strict control on breeding to keep them as working dogs, but in America they began to breed for looks over ability.Today the Malinois is not just an outstanding working dog.He is affectionate when part of a family though he is more reserved with strangers.He has a lot of energy and needs room to move around.He is clever, protective, focused on his people, sensitive and intense.As well as being used as sheep dogs, and in sheep dog trials, they were also used as draught dogs, guard dogs and police dogs.


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