Planetside 2 character stats not updating

These jolly and harmless fellows can be blown up for a nice chunk of XP, and, if you can light up enough of them you may earn a special reward.

Also, keep your eye out for a rare blinged out Golden Snowman who gives a very exclusive reward.

With current Turbo values it is too easy to use Turbo to easily get into and out of combat.

So, we are lowering the regeneration and increasing the amount of fuel burned per second.

The performance of the new system should be on par with the old system, if not faster in many cases.

Significant changes have been made to infantry and vehicle balance.

Based on the results of this change, there might be further modifications to composite armor, stock armor values, or other defense slot items.

The only adjustment to stock armor and resistance values is reducing effectiveness against “light anti-tank weapons”.

This initial release addresses the Character data specifically; all Static data (i.e.

items, vehicles, etc.) remain in the non-relational DB; our next release version will encompass the transition of Static data to pull from the Game DB as well.

These weapons also generally have a higher RPM and faster projectiles so they are more capable of hitting a high speed target.

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