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I applaud your insight as to the reason for the wrong image - your body language.The good news, this is something you can improve rather easily.It appears that this was the case in your meeting with these two men.

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I guess it is my body language but I don't know what I need to change.

Dear Linda, The average person takes less than 20 seconds to form a first impression of another person.

To get an idea of how others see you (which is usually different than we see ourselves), you can develop a simple questionnaire and ask friends, family and trusted colleagues to respond.

I suggest seven areas to be evaluated on your questionnaire, include the following: Clothing, hair, makeup, smile, greeting, eye contact and conversation opener.

A smile is the easiest non-verbal communication you can use to say "come and talk with me." Other non-verbal communication includes, eye contact, smile, body language (i.e.

distance between two people, leaning towards or away from the other person), and hand gestures.Even before words are exchanged, the man who has come to meet you is sizing you up.Immediately he is forming an impression of you before he starts talking.Do you put others at ease quickly or are you slow to warm up when meeting new people? When meeting a new man for the first time, does the conversation seem more like a job interview? Pretend that you are hosting a party and you want your guest to feel comfortable.Are you doing all the talking or all the listening? What are the things you can say and do that will put your guest at ease?Eventually, it becomes a habit and it will come naturally for you.

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