Pros of dating your best friend Freesekschat

Source: Shutter Stock Try to subtly feel your bestie out also to get an idea of how she'll react if anything happens with her brother and you.

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Let her know how much you care about her and that her approval means a lot to you.

Reassure her that you'll never let him come between you two.

Source: Shutter Stock Once you talk to your friend, figure out once and for all what you want to do.

This is your life, so even if she says she doesn't want you dating her brother, you need to make the choice you feel is best for you.

I know this sounds repetitive, but just be aware of what you might be getting yourself into.

Once you start dating her brother, don't take that as an open invitation to make out with him in front of her every time you're at their house. she probably doesn't really enjoy seeing him engage in PDA with anyone, especially her bestie. When you date a new guy, it's easy to start ditching your friends to spend all of your time with him.If she gets totally weirded out, that's a good indication that she won't be happy if you two get together.If she doesn't seem to care, still tread carefully - she might just not be thinking about Once you've gotten an idea of how both of them feel, put some serious thought into what you want to do next.You should really think about this before you say or do something that you can't take back.Keep in mind that dating your friend's brother might end up being a disaster - do you think your friendship will be able to handle it? Source: Shutter Stock Now is the time to be honest with your BFF.Don't make her feel like a third wheel in her own house, you know?


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