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The game was created for an indie jam — the Pulse-Pounding Heart-Stopping Dating Sim Jam — so it's not a full game, but rather a miniature version that sees you managing the complex emotions of a ukulele-playing T rex by the name of Taira.

Happily, Rodsavas is planning to expand Jurassic Heart into a full game with another four dinosaur love interests.

If you have some time to spare, go check out the rest of the Pulse-Pounding Heart-Stopping Dating Sim Jam entries.

Balancing the actual facts and research with the player’s expectations and morality was tricky.

The art is unanthropomorphic, but the characters are written as people.

Oh, yes, and turn your volume up, there is music at a certain point.

There are various strands, with various different endings, and you can sometimes bug out of your fuckplan if you get a weird vibe from your sexual prey. It’s called and I’d like to thank Porpentine for all her help with this. Her Twine resources page really helped me stop being afraid of CSS (the stylesheet, not the band).

As the first game I’ve made since I took a course in BASIC back in 3rd grade, I don’t think you should expect anything mind-blowing.

It’ll take more practice before I can translate this blog’s pretentious theory into innovative games.

There’s no big pretentious reason for this, I just found the juxtaposition funny.

I wanted to be true to the animal’s behavior, but also allow the player to subvert that behavior if they wished.

, a miniature Japanese-style dating game created last year, you play as a young woman entering into a blossoming romance with a Taira, a talented ukulele player. was created as part of the Heart-Pounding Pulse-Stopping Dating Sim Jam early last year by developer Thongrop Rodsavas.

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