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Punjabi Matrimony, an initiative from Bharat Matrimony, is a pioneer in the Punjabi matrimonial space.

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The transitional period after the monsoon is cool and mild, leading to the Winter Season, when the temperature in January falls to 5˚C at night and 12˚C by day.

During the transitional period from Winter to the Hot Season sudden hailstorms and heavy showers may occur, causing damage to crops.

It is not uniform over the whole region, with the sections adjacent to the Himalayas receiving heavier rainfall than those at a distance.

There are three main seasons and two transitional periods.

We have helped Punjabi members find their soul mate from across different communities such as Sikh - Jat, Khatri, Arora, Sikh - Ramgharia, Sikh - Arora, Sikh - Khatri, Brahmin - Saraswat, and Agarwal.

We also have active members from all religions including Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Muslim Shia, Sikh, Inter Religion, and Jain.

The 1947 definition defines the Punjab region with reference to the dissolution of British India whereby the then British Punjab Province was partitioned between India and Pakistan.

In Pakistan, the region now includes the Punjab province and Islamabad Capital Territory.

The Lower Himalayan Range runs from north of Rawalpindi through Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and further south.

The mountains are relatively young, and are eroding rapidly.

Not being a political unit, the extent of the region is the subject of debate and focuses on historical events to determine its boundaries.


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