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New episodes aired on My Network TV Monday nights at 9/8c with encore episodes airing Saturday nights at 9/8c. Zack, was chosen and was presented with a US 0,000 prize.

Fox Reality Channel aired more explicit, but still censored, same night TV-MA versions of new episodes at a.m. He chose to share ,000 with Tidisha and ,000 with Stephanie, keeping the remaining ,000 for himself.

Periodically, someone is removed from the show, and others are brought in to replace them.

Each week couples pair off and must share a hotel room together.

The winners of the first season were Charla Pihlstrom and Keith Cuda, with Dave Kerpen and Tara Gerard finishing as the runners-up.

In the finale, Charla and Keith won $250,000, but had to decide whether to split it with their respective partners.

The Israeli version premiered in September 2008 and aired on Channel 2 entitled מפרץ האהבה (The Bay of Love).

The first two seasons of the Swedish version of Paradise Hotel aired on TV4 in 20.The second season began airing in March 2010, which was won by Tine Helene Valle and Carl Eliassen. Aurora and Nikolai dropped the ball simultaneously, but slow motion reprise revealed that Aurora's ball hit the ground first.She won 100,000 NOK and shared 200,000 with Ann Marielle Lipinska.Alex Van Camp Kristin Ellis Kavita Channe Matthew Cehe Amanda Dominguez Desiree Boyd Toni Ferrari Keith Cuda Andon Guenther Dave Kerpen Beau Wolf Charla Pihlstrom Melanie Barger Holly Pastor Tara Gerard Zack Stewart Amy Toliver Scott Hanson Tom Rodriguez Paradise Hotel is an American reality television program that aired on Fox in 2003, My Network TV and Fox Reality Channel in 2008.In the show, a group of single people live in a luxurious hotel resort, competing to see who can stay in the hotel the longest.The shows first host was Ibi Støving, she was the host from season 1, but stopped after season 3 due to pregnancy and was replaced by former contestant from season 3 Rikke Göransson, who has been the host since.


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