Reject someone online dating

Cut things off as soon as you know you don’t want to be romantic to reduce the chance of a negative reaction. Here are the four common ways women incorrectly reject men: By now, you can see how indirect methods of rejection are not the way to go. Not only for your safety, but out of respect for the men, too. They don't want to feel they are 'just another guy'.

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So the longer you wait to tell a man you’re not interested, the harder he will take it.

I know it’s not easy and that you don’t want to hurt anyone. I also know it feels nice to get that kind of attention sometimes. But by letting a guy keep believing there’s a chance he can get with you, he’s only going to be frustrated, hurt, or angry when things don’t pan out. Ladies, you need to be crystal clear when you’re not interested in a guy. In my follow-up article next week, I’m going to teach guys how they can better recognize when they’re being turned down and how to accept those rejections gracefully.

I am sure you will bring many good qualitys to a realtionship with the right Lady,so all the best with your Thanks for all your suggestions.

The location thing is probably the go, altho' I'd already be aware of that when I've asked for a pic.

I'm not saying they have to be fantastic looking, I actually prefer a rough diamond, but, well, you know......... I read your Profile and it is obvious you are a nice person and will not be single for long.

Sadly I see common ground between us, lacking a little bit and would not like to stand in the way of you finding someone more compatible with you.Be honest, but kind, but also stay strong and don't give in.If this person was hoping for something more, take extra care when rejecting them.Of course, you still want to approach the situation with tact. You should be polite and not personally attack them. In the borderline cases, they just let it go without exploring further.

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