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He did a lot of cruel and unforgivable things since the sudden break up and just blocked me off everything and was very cold and cruel towards me.

After NC for 3 months of the 5, he called me on satur Hi Just wondering is there a point where it's too late to try with a guy who you've friend zoned in the past?

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He told me that he wont be able to help falling in love again and would move on when or if I pa So I've been dating this guy for about 2 months, but I've been knowing him for a little over a year. I have only ever dated one guy before and it was easy because we went to the same school so we saw each other every day. We began a relationship which never really took off if I'm honest.

When we first started dating I told him most of my past, but I did not mention anything to him about my sugar daddy website past. We both had our own separate issues at the time whi Hi, so I work in a health care profession.

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It was due to two situations that we brok Something that I discussed with a friend recently was how much we've grown so far in our 20's and what kind of life experiences and lessons we've endured so far.

My friend is 29 and I'm 24 and it's crazy how he said he's grown so much from 25 to now. Just thought I'd put this question out there to see what general consensus is, as I'm having a bit of a heart vs ego situation.

Over the summer we were back and forth between each other and both of us dating other My girlfriend of 2 years has stopped talking to me after I basically told her that I was nervous about moving in.

I just freaked out because I am so used to living alone and I had a bad experience before living with another girlfriend who ended up cheatin I met this girl online and we have been on 5 total dates. Date 2 we kissed, held hands and even cuddled in bed.

I'm falling for one of my very good friends who i previously only saw as a friend..

I feel like he was interested in me before but now it seem So I was dumped a month and a bit ago by my girlfriend of 6 years.

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