Relative dating diagram

You can also learn about which beds were dated radiometrically, and the result.

We have a good sense of the order in which things happened to us (when we were children, students, adults), that is, a relative sequence of events.

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Diagram 1 shows three sites, each with its own sequence of assemblages.

Here the assemblages are represented by different symbols (star, square etc.), arranged in chronological order with the oldest at the bottom.

So far, so good – but we still don’t have a way of pinning our relative sequence down in time.

Diagram 3 shows that organic material from the latest assemblage at site 3 has been dated by 14C (radiocarbon) to 1500 BC which is an absolute date.

It is (true, false) that G was the last layer deposited before the folding occurred. The youngest layer is _______________ and the next youngest is _____________.

The wavy line between layer B and the folded strata is a(n) ________________. But unless we have been revising a CV or resum recently we may be less clear about the precise years in which particular things happened (that is, absolute chronology).But there will always be some external events to provide anchors to the relative chronology (where we were when Kennedy was assassinated, or on 11 September 2001, for example).By doing this repeatedly, for many locations around the world, the geologic time scale has been established.The geologic time scale is a composite vertical sequence representing all known rock units and their fossils, worldwide, placed into sequential order (oldest to youngest), based on relative dating and correlation.Global Boundary Stratotype Sections and Points have been established for the time scale.

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