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Show respect for the American flag, your JROTC instructors, teachers and principals, and higher-ranking cadets. Render the proper salute to the flag, AFJROTC instructors, and active duty military officers of any service. Respect your uniform by wearing and maintaining it properly. Corrective action should be taken at the lowest level possible.

Firmly refuse to participate in immoral or degrading activities or those which could damage your personal integrity or integrity of the cadet corps. Constantly strive to be a positive example for other cadets and students at CHS K. Additionally, cadets are prohibited from PDA when not in uniform anywhere in the JROTC areas of Rooms 105,110 and 113 or during JROTC-sponsored activities in or away from school. I st PDA warning by an instructor -cadet's personnel record will be annotated.

Does one year of residency and goes GMO as a SF doc at 28, gets into some bad stuff in the first year and is now limited duty in a Med Board holding pattern, and while on limited duty there is lots of down time (although 1.5 years is near the limit of a med board. Please register to post and access all features of our very popular forum. Over ,000 in prizes has already been given out to active posters on our forum.

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If this woman enlisted at 18 and is now 30 and a captain & medical officer, this means that she got at least a nursing degree to make Captain. Another rule of thumb: anyone who tells you they are or were Special Forces, Navy SEALS, etc. I have met a few guys I knew served in Spec Ops units and A) They never discuss it and B) You likely would never know it, unless you already knew them and knew what to look for.

Where did she find time as an enlistee to get a bachelor's degree? I can't tell you how many fake SEALS and Delta Force guys I have met.

cheating = willfully taking advantage of others such as copying homework A. Violations should be reported through the cadet's chain of command.

Respect those in positions of authority and those appointed over you B. Infractions should be reported to your flight commander or AS-IV.

To the Army the Green Beret is a hat given to all soldiers, support services and active team members, serving in a Special Forces Group.

The distinction is the Special Forces qualification tab.

Too much stuff doesn't add up, and some of it appears to be outright lies.

If you relocate to be near her, you need your head examined. I'm not plussing for this particular woman, but I think it might be possible for women to be attached Special Ops undercover missions where they use a male/female couple for better mission concealment.

It falls under the gray area of stolen valor as it is possible she shared the operational patrol risk without going through the qualification course, It would be like Vietnam veterans from pre 1969 long range reconnaissance patrols calling themselves Rangers because the Army decided that Lurps didn't sound right in official communications and re-branded their units as provisional Ranger Companies.


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