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Over the fall semester, friends of Elena and Michael kept asking in a jokingly way, "When are you and Mike Dean going to date?

" or "You know you and Elena are going to get married, right?

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Michael and Elena met each other early into the MBA program.

When they returned to Columbus in August to start their second year, they picked up right where they left off.

Their friendship grew stronger and the two became nearly inseparable (as long as Michael was in Columbus ... They were in every group project together, they spent game days together and they continued going on friend dates.It was apparent that there was something more than friendship between Michael and Elena.Over the weekend, the program celebrated the holidays with its annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Bar Crawl.It was during the "First Year Bar Crawl" that took place the weekend before classes started when they first spoke.Michael came up to her during their stop at Out-R-Inn, and very simply said, "Hi Elena!While on the crawl, Michael and Elena were again inseparable and having so much fun together. " Elena then shared with Sarah her fears of messing up their friendship.

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