Sample letter updating contact details

XYZ ABC was an permanent full time employee of the COMPANY_NAME as DESIGNATION from DD/MM/YYYY to DD/MM/YYYY.

He played a significant roles as “NOC DESCRIPTION” encompasing “describe 2-liner that match the lead statement of your NOC”. xxxx had worked with xxxx as Job Title at xxxx location for xxxxx Group .

These Letters that only indicate position, salary, and a statement that “he was a very good employee and we would hire him again” are not be sufficient!

These letters are missing the important details of the applicant’s roles and responsibilities while working with the company This is to certify that Mr.

I possess good communication skills to talk to customers regarding their complaints and queries, assist them with expert solutions, manage customer service registers and hence assure their satisfaction.

In addition, I am skilled to handle customer service requests, issues and matters and react promptly so as to manage the reputation of the company.

Job Reference Letter matching with your NOC is the most important document in FSW Program for Canada Immigration.

Letters from your current and former (if any) employers describing your work experience are a very important part of your application.

This act as marketing tool and increase your chances of getting an interview call.

Hence it is important that you concentrate in every detail while writing one.

On a personal level I am methodical, accurate and adaptable, all traits which allow me to embrace change and effectively adjust to new or altered processes within a business environment.

Please find my current CV attached to this letter and do not hesitate to contact me to arrange an interview or if you need any more information.

A data analyst cover letter gives you an opportunity to get the much needed attention from a job point of view.


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