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Truffaut produced, even though Pialat's no-frills harshness could be seen as a rebuke to the cinematic excitements of his 400 Blows - another vision of the impulsive delinquency of an unloved boy.

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Aiming at the complexity and subtlety of a novel, Smart People sometimes loses shape and unity by trying to cram in too much (result: too many montage-sequences to pleasantly melancholy music).

Still, it's a promising, honourable and often touching debut with touches of brilliance.

For me, I was quite impressed at the end that everything worked out, when it gets put together.

The twins and the CGI was challenge for everyone, I think a real learning process, but in the end I think we did a good job.

And where Newman's character, Luke, is beaten almost to a pulp by George Kennedy's Dragline in a grotesquely one-sided boxing match.

But in case your memory of Stuart Rosenberg's 1967 Deep South prison classic is episodic, re-watching it in full is to be reminded that it is chiefly a brilliant character study of an enigmatic, inscrutable, maddening maverick: Paul Newman's Luke, in prison for an unexplained act of municipal vandalism (drunk, he took the heads off a row of parking meters), is a free spirit, a man who makes no plans and who acts impulsively.

We are left, though, with the gorgeous smile of Paul Newman, an actor now apparently gravely ill with cancer and living out his last days with his family.

David Cheal Gone Baby Gone 18, Buena Vista, £19.99 Ben Affleck's impressive directorial debut really lifts off a little way in, when its small-time private-eye hero Patrick Kenzie (Casey Affleck) and his sidekick/girlfriend Angie (Michelle Monaghan) enter a lounge bar in a hard-bitten enclave of South Boston and start asking awkward questions about a three-year-old girl who has gone missing.

Refreshingly, it doesn't apologise for asking us to sympathise with unusual characters, even misfits.

Considering the conviction with which he played a heroic lunkhead in Vantage Point, Dennis Quaid is amazingly credible here as misanthropic widowed English professor Lawrence, who despises his students and thinks a C is a generous grade.

Some of the time they’d go over someone else’s shoulder and they had this team of 10 or so doubles at various points.: Freddie actually got it down to fine T; he was in and out of makeup in like 29 seconds, I think we got it down to. I mean, we did have some splitscreens and the tennis ball was our best friend at the end of the day, because it would be our eye line for the opposite twin, although we did, as Freddie said, had a double for the opposite twin, just to act off and look at, which was fine.

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