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When you knew about the baby, what was your relationship to her?

Like I said like any father out there seeing their baby for the first time will feel good.

After all this time, she finally decided to give an interview on behalf of Mike because he’s too tired?

What do you think of the buzz that says Mike isn’t man?

I am not serious what our status is with each other, but I just want him to at least be the best father he can be.

It is untrue what the news said that I won’t take responsibility. When I know about this I talked to Sara here and there and had an opportunity to go into the labor room and carried the baby. What about the buzz saying you weren’t sure it was your baby in the beginning?

About whether or not I believe it’s mine, I don’t care about that. When they don’t know anything this is the result of misinformed. And first I have to say it’s about the 2 of us that I don’t want other people to get involved. As for the hospital bills and the future and responsibility, let both our family talk about it. Like I said there is no bad things about this situation. Lastly, I ask the media not to involved a third party in here. Has Mike help you raise the child ever since he was born? You are younger, so do you think you should be taking your child to visit his grandparents? How did Mike take care of his child as a father role? They’re probably busy and I think there will be an opportunity to see each other. I don’t know about this if there is going to be problem working. Honestly my fans that follow my work knew about this at the same time as me.

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