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I'll often look at that phrase and wonder, “Where did it come from? ” Sometimes it works, and sometimes I chuck it and start again.

, for instance, the first line came as “You turn the radio on play your favorite song and cry” and I had no idea where it came from.

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Indeed, Mc Lachlan went into writing for the LP with the express intent of doing something “a little more positive” and avoiding falling back into “here’s another breakup song.”“I always struggle with lyrics. But I feel this is the most direct I’ve been lyrically,” she says.

“In the past I’ve often tried to hide behind parallel universes or telling the story from different perspectives, and I think there’s a certain down-to-the-bone quality to a lot of these lyrics that I haven’t had in the past.

Mc Lachlan is candid about the Lilith debacle, chuckling and calling it “a colossal failure for many reasons.” And she’s big enough to admit it was a mistake.“We didn’t really do our due diligence with how much the market had changed and how much our fans had changed,” she says.

“All those young women who came to the shows from ’97 to ’99 now have jobs and kids and cannot spend a whole day out in a hot field watching music, as much as they’d like to, for $100 or whatever it cost.

Only in the aftermath did it become clear just how heartbroken she was over the failure of her marriage.

Unlike many others she only saw the negatives in her divorce, though that has likely changed now.

My life is blessed, so it’s not hard for me to look for the positive and go towards that. I think we don’t get to appreciate the light unless we’ve lived in the dark. It’s a culmination of all the hard work, blood, sweat and tears.

I love getting to be out there and perform it for people.

It’s certainly better to keep a civil relationship than let it become acrimonious, even if just for the sake of their children.

After her divorce Sarah said that she would be single for a long time to come.

Just because a marriage ends in divorce doesn’t mean it’s a complete failure.

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